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The TCMI Food Bank distributes food, pet food and other items to families in need residing in the North Las Vegas area

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Your continual support enables us to help end hunger & provided much needed resources to our community! We could use your help

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In  2019 TCMI Food Pantry had 3,380 volunteers who served over 26,160 total hours. That would be equivalent to 11.6 full time staff yearr round

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Volunteer of the month March 2023

Klaudia Izabella

The volunteers at your service

TCMI leadership would like to recognize Klaudia Izabella for her contributions to TCMI Pantry.

She was a go get in-there kind of volunteer. Things needed to be done, she was on it. He great leadership, helping other volunteers that were new. She would take them around and explain how things were done. The comradery we had seen in her. The spirit was glowing through each touch of every item she would load into guest’s boxes on Saturday mornings.

She also loved making videos on the pantry TikTok account. Keeping it fresh with new styles of videos.

TCMI Pantry and TCMI Church would like to thank Klaudia for all the love she brought to all of us at the pantry.

Klaudia Izabella passed away recently as it had shocked the whole pantry. Her spirit will always shine upon us all. Guiding each new volunteer’s hand as it was their own movement.

To support Klaudia Izabella family financially for the sudden expense, you can donate through the family’s GoFundMe page by clicking the photo to the right.




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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what others say:

TCMI Pantry Volunteers Rock!!!TCMI Pantry Volunteers Rock!!!

Donna Kline



It’s a great place to go to get food if you’re low on it, they give you as much as they can and is a lot like I brought home 


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 TCMI Pantry is an equal opportunity provider. For more information, please refer to the USDA nondiscrimination statement

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