Announcement Archive 2020

Ending Hunger in our Backyard

This is the archive of all announcements from each week since January 1 2020.

We are so over stocked that we hope that we can serve more this coming Saturday! If you are in need of food assistance, please do come. We do start at 7AM and run till 9AM. Each person does have to be present per household to recieve assistance.  

If you would like to volunteer, please do sign up below.

The volunteers arrived, but only half of our guests showed up? This was a surprise to see that over half of our regular guests decided to sleep in. Well thats ok. Everyone that came through the line today got extra extra extra due to the lack of people needing food. We had so many pallets of parishable food that we had to push it to every vehical. 

Next week will be our FIRST pantry of 2021! 

Today was the pantry volunteer appreciation party/Christmas party. Thank you that all came today and for the ones that we have throughout the year that could not make it, we missed you this year. The TCMI Pantry leadership team would like to thank the ones that cooked some lovely and yummy pozole, two different kinds, pork or chicken and red or green sauce. Thank you to the top of my belly, Says Michael!

This year we handed out little gift bags to every single car that came through the line. Our Christmas present to you. You are family and that is what family does.

There is one more pantry left this year, so let’s kick it out of the park serve as many as we can get to come through the drive through.

December is upon us and so are the holiday season. The church is holding a toy and sock drive. If you would like to donate, please bring unwrapped new and slightly used toys. Sock must be new and unopened. Donations can be dropped off when you drop off you sign in form right before you turn in to the back of the church. 

Our pantry is still under contruction. The warehouse still has the cooler to build and finialize the electrical too. Once completed, we will be posting a video of the upgrade.  

With COVID still a concern, we still have restrictions going on at the church and for the panty. If you are a guest, please do not get out of your car while in line. This is for the protection of yourself and others. Also when volunteers are loading your vehicle, please do wear your mask. This includes the walk up pantry.

11/28/2020 – WOW! The turkey has shorten our line today. The pantry had a decrease in the amount of people needing food this week. We are happy to see that the need has decreased. But if you need food, please do come down and get a box.

We have our toy and socks drive going on. We will be collecting these items Saturday mornings while you are in line, or Sunday service in the lobby. Please bring lightly used and new socks, but we will only accept new toys for children. We will be passing out socks with our Inner City Outreach. Last day to accept drop offs a week prior to Christmas.

Thank you all that are coming during pantry hours. The last announcement has helped greatly and everyone is coming before 9AM when we close. We Thank You.

11/21/2020 – The line! Oh, the line…. We all hate being in any line and having to wait. Our line was so long this morning. It went to
Rainbow Blvd and wrapped around and down Ann.

The volunteers are so happy to serve everyone of you today. We are not sure how many there was, but we do know that we have been preparing for this to happen over the last few months.

The pantry was blessed to get a LARGE donation from the President of the United States and the White House. A full semitruck of 21 pallets of pre-boxed food. TCMI Pantry thank you for your donation.

We had a handful of vehicles cutting the line. If you do this, security will be informed. Security will have you leave the line and go back to the end of the line. So, PLEASE check and see where the line ends. If there is a line of cars going down the road, that’s the line and you will need to drive down to find the end.

The warehouse remodel has gotten to the point that we moved back in. Its still has some little things to do, and the cooler is still in route to the church. Thank you all that has put time and energy into the re-remodel.

With Thanksgiving on Thursday, the pantry will be closed. We will not be doing any volunteer work as it is time to spend it with family and friends. We will continue Friday morning.

Until next week, stay safe and we love you.

11/14/2020 – Thank all for coming this fine brisk morning. The pantry warehouse project is coming along great. We have about a month to go before the cooler is installed and complete. We moved in our dry goods and what a project that was. Thank you, Charles, for all you do on the changes in the warehouse.

We recently have overwhelmed the San Miguel Community garden with waste produce. We recently have partnered with Las Vegas Nevada’s Combs Brothers pig farm. We welcome you to the pantry and looking forward to helping to feed the livestock. If you would like to read up about Combs Brothers, read up about them in the blog section of the pantry site.

The pantry will not be giving out turkeys this year due to COVID-19. We were informed last week by Three Square that we will not have this donation this year. If we get a substitute item, we will let you all know.

Until next week, stay safe and we love you.

11/7/2020 – When there’s a need, there’s a way! The line was long today. Made its way down past Ann road for a bit today. We are blessed to be supplied with so much food from our donors. Thank you!

Making change comes with struggle, commitment, hard work, and faith. After a hard week’s work, some volunteers come straight out of their work and right to the pantry at 2 AM!! YES 2 AM. Seeing their glowing smiles, some halfway awake still, COFFEE! Some have made long lasting friendships, and some have met first time and now are together. Wow, how god works its wonders. We always have room for your smiling face! Volunteer today! We Need You!

Thank you all who have recently joined the pantry team. This helps us all get tasks done without burning out everyone out.

Until next week, stay safe and we love you.

11/1/2020 – Another successful day at the pantry. We had some new volunteers join us today. Thank you, and welcome to the pantry family. The pantry construction has been extended due to additional add on projects that has projected to complete in 5 weeks. Until then, please watch you distance between objects and people while driving through the rear.

Two months and the year is over. This year has been such a rollercoaster with emotions, employment, bills and as well the loss of contact with loved ones in person. We hear you and understand times can get tough.

Our pantry has and been such a success during the times we are in. Our volunteers have such big hearts and as well strength. Pushing through the hard work, changes on the fly, additional precautions for safety and health. Our volunteers are FRONT LINE WORKERS. The leadership looks at the crew and sees them as superheroes, taking time out of their week to do prep for each Saturday and as well general maintenance.

With this said, the leadership would like to announce that for the rest of the year, all the pantry volunteers are Volunteer of the Month’s. We have no other possible reason why only one person should shine. These volunteers come week after week, day or night to do gods work and help neighbors whom need a hand up.

Therefore, the TCMI Pantry is what it is, and has become. The love for others, the passion to serve, and the smiles volunteers receives from each guest as they drive through the line. This is what make the TCMI Pantry a family.

One more thing and we will see you next week. The pantry hours are 7-9 AM. This includes the walk-up pantry. The earlier you come, the faster we can get the line through and complete. The continued late arrivals have put a burden on the pantry time and length our volunteers are working. We don’t want to see any guest go without, but please remember that our volunteers are there as early as 2 AM and stay as late as 2 PM. Arriving and in line no later than 8:45 AM would be preferable. Stay safe and remember to join us online or in person at Sunday’s service.

10/24/2020 – Fall is here, and we are loving the weather. Construction is still in progress for our warehouse / walk-in cooler build. To all that is working on our expansion, thank you! The holidays are right around the corner and this year is defiantly not going to be the same. Our regular events this year have all been canceled and some pantry events as well this year. But we are still pushing through with your family and ours.
Our pantry is open every week from 7-9 AM. There has been some confusion that Three Square has been informing guests that we are open till 10 AM. This is incorrect. The walk-up pantry is the same hours as the drive through. Please note, if you drive, you must go through the line. Some have been parking and walking up to the walk-up pantry. Please do not do this. Security will notice and have you go back to the line like all other guests.
We are still stocked and have plenty to help your pantry. Please come if you are in need. We love you and thank you for coming this week.

10/17/2020 – Thank you all for visiting us today. The pantry is currently in growth mode and we are under construction. We had 7 cement trucks to fill in a portion of the back area and to expand the warehouse floor and double the size. Check out our story about the expansion. 
We love our guests and hope you and your family are pulling through these hard times we are all experiencing. To serve our community in in faith, and pantry needs, we are always here for you. 
If you have questions about the pantry, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. 
Also welcome all new and returning volunteers. A shout out to Calvin for coming today and helping. Every hand is one hand closer to making TCMI Pantry what it is today.

10/11/2020 – It was a short but sweet day this last Saturday. We were done with serving the guest before closing time. This was greatly unexpected and happy to see that the need to a box has dropped. Remember, if you are needing food, please do not hesitate to come and receive one. Therefore, we are here to help. TCMI Pantry does not want to see or hear that our neighbors are struggling to put a square meal on the table for the family. Our warehouse remodel is going well. The inside is still in the process of being gutted for our new walk-in cooler. We will update with a story about it later in the month or early November. It was great to see our regular guests as your smiles make our day. Until next week. Stay safe.

10/3/2020 – With summer coming to a close, the pantry is still moving forward with upgrades and changes. Please excuse out mess in the rear as we started our new walk-in cooler project and warehouse expansion. The construction will be running through the end of October. Please watch around you as you drive through the rear to receive your box. The ID scanning has been put on hold until future notice. We were overconfident that we could register you all in and keep the line moving at a normal pace. Well this is something that we are not able to do. To the ones that filled out the forms, please do keep them as we will be asking for them when we restart the ID scanning. See you next week! 

9/26/2020 – The show must go on. We had some communication issues this morning as we started the new digital registration process. This has caused some to be registered and most had not. We would like to apologize to our guests for the issue today. We will be announcing again when we will start the registration process up again. We hope to streamline the process which it will not take so long to get people registered. Remember, we do care about you and hope to see you again next week if are in need.

9/21/2020 –  We are just warming up! The new ID scan process started last Saturday. We passed out the registration for for all of out guests to fill out and bring back next Saturday. Please do bring it or you will have to pull off to the side to fill it out. The amount of guests are increasing over the weeks. The line went down to Ann road again which was prepared for. We have enough food to feed our guests so no worries. While in line, we ask our guests to no allow children to play in the parking lot while cars are moving. This is a safety concern. See you all next Saturday.

9/12/2020 – The numbers keep rising and we are keeping up! Thank you all for coming this week to the TCMI Pantry. The pantry has been receiving donations from private companies and Three Square; We thank you! Lots of changes going on at TCMI. Monday we will be starting our TCMI Academy. We are excited to change lives and guide our youth to a more rewarding schooling then the traditional public school.

As you have been reading week after week. The digital registration and check in process was to begin this week, well we had a one-week setback which has been resolved. We WILL be starting this upcoming week. Please remember, we will require a passport or an ID to register you for you one and only registration. After that, it’s just scan and go.

9/7/2020 –   Thank you all for coming this week. This next week 9/12/20, TCMI Pantry will be starting the new ID check-in registration process. This registration fills out the required information to participate in the Three Square food assistance program. The information that we require is ID, Name, DOB, email, Dependents by age, and if you receive any public assistance. The program registration is required to receive a box from the program. When you arrive, you will be handed a form. While in line, you will have time to fill it out in full. If the form is not filled out, we will have to have you pull out of the line and fill it out. This is the only time you will have to fill it out unless you have a change in information. The changes can be made when you check in future visits on the fly. A leadership member will receive your form and then scan your ID, or passport. This will register your ID into your information so the next time you visit the pantry, you will not have to fill out the form again. It’s as easy as scan and go! We understand that some might push back to this change, but we have to follow the Three Square requirements so they can get a proper counts while it help with funding and food supply orders. If you can prepare this information prior to arriving, this will be helpful while you are filling out the form.

8/30/2020 – As summer comes to an end, the heat will hopefully go with it. Thank you volunteers for all that you do! There are so many guests passing through the pantry drive through thanking the volunteers at the pickup point. We thank you for visiting the pantry. As a reminder, we are changing over to the ID system. Yes, we have tested it out, but found we needed to modify it to our needs. In the next few weeks, we will be starting the new process. Please make sure that you bring you ID.

8/22/2020 –   Thank you for visiting us this morning. Our hard-working volunteers got it done in record time today! Just a reminder, the My Express Drive Through Pantry hours are from 7-9 AM on Saturdays. We do not serve to the public during the week. Any special requests must be done through email or phone call. Our senior leaders are reaching out and asking for any available volunteers during the weekdays. If you can help, we can use you. We open for volunteers at 8:30 AM Monday and Tuesdays, Wednesdays at 9:30 AM, and lastly Thursday and Friday 8:00 AM. If interested, please show at the rear of the building by entering from the WEST end of the church. Until next week.

8/15/2020 –   The numbers keep rising and so has our support. We would like to thank Three Square for the new fridges and freezers that were delivered this week. Also, the pantry has been blessed with a grant and we are expanding!! The warehouse is doubling in size and we are installing a walk-in fridge for our bulk items. These changes have been in the works for months, and our prays have been answered. Thank you all for the visit today. Our volunteers really care about everyone, yes YOU! The pantry always has plenty to fill our neighbor’s pantries. Thank you to our new volunteers. We are happy to have you join the TCMI Pantry family. We still have not started the new checking process yet as you can tell. We are fixing a few things to allow a smooth transition to the new system and to be able to get a better understanding of the needs of our guests.

8/8/2020 –   WOW! The line ran until 10 AM!!! We are now starting to see an increase in guests at the pantry. Today we ran way past the closing time. We just had to keep going and serve every family that came through in need. the food lasted and we still have some left over. Thank you generous donators and Three Square. We still need volunteers on Saturdays. Please do consider volunteering as it is a great way to make new friends, people that support one another, and most of all it a win win to the community. Just sign up below and we will see you Saturday. The church will be holding an information and registration event for TCMI Academy which opens this fall. The information and registration will be after service 8/9/2020. Service starts at 11:00 AM.

8/1/2020 –  You all might have noticed that we have not scanned ID for the last two weeks. We are still in the process of setup. If all goes well, we will be starting it on 8.8.2020. TCMI senior staff are preparing for an increase in guests needing food due the layoffs and the unemployment payments changes. We also have been opening later as we are low on volunteers to setup and distribution. We would love to have you help if you have free time. Just sign up below under volunteer. This includes Monday through Saturday. Thank you for all that have followed directions of staff and security while on property. This helps us run the line smoothly and it helps us get home faster. If you have not heard, TCMI is opening a Christian Academy! Starting in September. For more information please go to TCMI.CHURCH

7/25/2020 –  On 8.8.2020 we will be finalizing our update and change over to the new digital ID scan check in process. To read more on this please visit the Latest News at the bottom of the page. With all the layoffs happening locally, we anticipate an increase of guests to the pantry. This is not an issue as we are fully stocked and can handle upwards to over 1600 boxes in a one weeks’ time. We are still in need of volunteers and donations. If you would like to help, please visit the links below. 

7/18/2020 – We are getting cool with our new mister fan. They love it! You might have received a free car wash too! Thank you all for coming this morning. We are all honored to share our love for our community when they are in need. Our numb for today was 499 with walk up and drive through, but with the others that are manually counted are hundreds more. We are finalizing the release of our new ID scan check in process and will be implementing it soon. Same as we are doing currently, but we will be having you fill out the digital paperwork which will be a onetime process. After that, scan then go. Unless you have had some household changes, i.e. Address, email, household size. We will announce the release within weeks, so stay tuned.

7/11/2020 – Making the trip to the pantry can be tiresome, but some just camp out in the nights sun. Beach chairs and a cold drink in the moon light with side snacks and some music. Maybe Facebook or TikTok! Our numbers are holding at the same as last week. We would like to thank Three Square for their help in feeding the community and other private donors to the food pantry in this hard time. Thank you to the new volunteers that have joined us, with you it makes life easier for us all. Welcome to the pantry!

7/4/2020 – Happy 4th of July all! Pastor Gayla was waving you in with her American flag today to give a little 4th spirit. We are continuing to show our numbers to drop. The walk up and the drive-up pantry in total today helped 495 families today. We still have plenty of food, so come on down next week for a box if you are in need. Our pantry leaders are thankful for those that spent there morning and helped today. We thank you for your time. As well we are still accepting volunteer applications. If you would like to volunteer, please do sign up. We do need volunteers Monday through Saturday. All hours are early mornings.

6/27/2020 – It’s so HOT outsides. The tents are up and we are still up at 1:00 AM and serve though the cool and the Extreme HOT!!! TCMI Pantry volunteers are the best. We gained a few new volunteers and we welcome you! There are still room for more volunteers. If you are interested in serving the community, please do sign up below under the volunteer section. All volunteers ware gloves, masks and frequently wash their hands and use hand sanitizer when the feeling its needed. The numbers are still dropping and for the ones that did not come this week, well you can come next week. We served through the drive through and walk up 471 guests today and they were all so thankful. Our stations in the rear has been dropped down to one station. This has been changed due to less guests and a lower turnout to volunteer. But somehow, we always get done at the same time and we also get to go home even sooner! Funny how things work out. Well, till next week, stay safe and mask up while you in public. We do want to see you again.

6/20/2020 – Please tune in to Sunday service broadcast. We will be announcing some news that we would like to have all our guests to hear. Click the link here to view. It will be live at 11:00 AM 6/22/2020. We have been blessed with an abundance of food, and with businesses opening once again, some of our volunteers have gone back to work and we have been shorthanded lately. Leaders have been asking all guests, new and old, if you would like to volunteer, please do sign up below. We would really like to meet you and have you on our team to bring full plates to other homes in the time of need. You can still get a box like you normally do, but you get to skip the line! Our numbers are still dropping, but we still have new guests every week. Just a reminder, please stay in your car when you are in the  rear of the building. This is for your safety and for others. Thank you.

6/13/2020 – It’s now been 15 weeks since the drive through pantry has started and we all are looking forward to getting everyone together again inside. We currently do not have a tentative date as of today. We would like to remind you to follow directions of security. This is for your safety and to keep the line moving smoothly. Our numbers keep dropping and as of today, the pantry served 498 guests through the drive through, 56 guests at our walk up, and over 250 from senior’s deliveries and weekly volunteers in need. That’s 804 guests this week alone. Our drive through served 2877 guests from the dates of May 15 to June 13, 2020. We continue to remind everyone that if you are in need, please do come and get some food. We are always in stock and have many varieties of meats, dry and fruits and vegetables. It varies by week by week. If you still are not working and have free time and would like to volunteer, please do sign up below. Until next week, stay safe.

6/6/2020 – Smooth going today! Still low on volunteers, so go sign up! Our count for the day for people served through the drive through and walk up pantry was 635. This does not include volunteers in need, Senior deliveries. Serving the communities need for food security has been a struggle. Countless hours, hundreds of volunteers, new and returning have been an army of love and caring. Having people in our community with hearts like theirs is what makes #VEGASSTRONG and what Las Vegas people really are. We are not just a community, we are family. Our house is your house and is always open to serve when needed.

5/30/2020 – It’s warming up and so is the TCMI Food Pantry volunteers! We were able to get things going but a little slow today. We were overwhelmed with the amount of food that we have been blessed with this week from many donors and partners locally, THANK YOU. This has caused more prep time and as well we were short on volunteers today. Yes! You can volunteer too! Visit below the volunteer button. Sign up, then one of our volunteers with contact you. The new scan check in process has had some questions. We understand that some feel uncomfortable, as we hear you. With this transition, we will be releasing the details in full June 1, 2020 on the Latest-News link above. For those that are happy with the new check in process, hurray! We too feel you. We like change and this change allow us to be able to see the amount of people needing food and to check-in as a guest. Prior to COVID-19, all new guests would have to do the first-time paperwork, which then you would have to do paperwork more paperwork on your next visit. There is a hint of the what’s coming and what’s going. So, say tuned.

5/23/2020 – Our numbers are holding! We have seen a trend of people needing food go down by 5% over the last three weeks. We are happy to see that things are improving for some, but we are still here if you need food. Thank you all for working with our volunteers as they introduce you to the new ID check in process. TCMI is changing with the times so we can help protect our guests and to transition to the new all-digital check in process, and will speed things up for all guest. TCMI announced that church service will begin 5/24/2020 once again. Starts at 11:00 AM. The clothing pantry has opened to the public on Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 8:30 till noon. Enter from the west gate to the rear and park. The food pantry will continue the drive through and walk up pantry at this time. There is not estimate when the pantry will open but stay tuned.

5/17/2020 – Thank you all for coming this week and got food for your pantry. As some of you must noticed, we are low on fresh vegetables and fruit. We are doing our best to source more fresh produce. We will supplement with dry goods as needed. As you have noticed, we are scanning ID’s for each person getting a box. We are in the process of switching to contactless and 100% digital. As of June, we will be going to be paperless, so be prepared. We can scan ID’s, driver’s license, and pass ports. So please bring with you every week. This will be your check in. Have a safe and fun week.

5/9/2020 – We had another great pantry today. Thank you all who came to get a box and we look forward to seeing you next week. As you noticed today, we started a pilot program to switch over to a ID system. I know some of you have questions about it and we will have more information in the coming week. Just a reminder, the hours of the pantry are 7:00 AM till 9:00 AM. We ask that you come on time as this helps get the work done before noon. Our volunteers come as early as 1:30 AM to setup to your boxes. Thats almost a 12 hour shift. Until next week, stay safe.

5/3/2020 – Thank you for all our old and new guests for coming to the pantry this week. We are receiving about 1300 guest each week for the last four weeks. We are happy to server you in your time of need and are still here if you need food assistance. Thank you all for doing your best to get here during operational hours. This helps our guests and volunteers to have time during the day to do personal activities with family. We still are watching the governor’s office for the latest news on when we can go back to regular activities and operations. Please keep up to date by visiting often. Just a reminder, if you are giving a person a ride, you must go through the line in the vehicle. Dropping off and parking is not allowed. If security or a leader see this, you will be instructed to go to the end of the line for the vehicles.

4/19/2020 – We are making a change!! Our volunteers are the best in Las Vegas. The team is still growing with new volunteers and we thank you from all of the leaders and pastors. We welcome you in to our home away from home. Yesterdays pantry was smaller then the week before. Our numbers have dropped more then likely as individuals are recieving their stimuluas checks. Remember, we are still here to help out with your needs. If you need food, please come. Food insecurity is a battle, especially now. Let us take some of that burden off your sholders and we welcome you to visit us next Saturday. All we ask is to fill out a card and thats all. Our volunteers will guide you through the parking lot to the pick up. Please stay in your car and follow the directions given. We will place a box of food in your car so no need to help. Just be ready. Then off you go! See you soon. Take care and from all of the volunteers and leaders, have a great week.

4/11/2020 – Thank you all of coming today! All of the volunteers have been waiting and working hard all week just for you. Our line seem to be smaller today unlike other Saturdays. We are happy to see that the need for food has decreased and some of our past guests have food in their pantry still and did not visit us. But if you do need food, please do come by. We would like to remind our guests that the pantry closes at 9:00 AM. Until next week, take care, be safe, and lastly, thank you for visiting the TCMI Food Pantry.

4/4/2020 – The numbers are in!!! Last week we had over 1600 cars, and the week prior we have over 2000. We normally would serve 700 families a week. That is a large increase in people needing food for their pantry. Well we ramped up our output and doubled our volunteers during the week to accommodate this increase. We are looking for more volunteers for our weekly prep. This is Monday – Friday and it starts at 8:30 AM. If you are interested in volunteering, please visit our volunteer section below. We been seeing an increase of guest cutting in line while waiting in your car. Please don’t do this, as we hear it all and see it all. If you are caught, you will be asked to go to the end of the line. Everyone else is waiting and we have enough food for all so please respect the line. Our leadership team has come up with a new volunteer sign up form for our Saturday pantry. If you are a current volunteer, you can use it to schedule your spot. We are doing this to help control the number of volunteers so we can follow the social distancing orders. If you are wanting to volunteer, you can fill this out after you first sign up on the main Volunteer Application form on the volunteer section. Thank you all for coming this week. See you all soon.

3/29/2020 – Another success and thousands more fed for another week. The count is not in but will update when complete. Thank you all for coming and allowing the TCMI Pantry team serve you. We are in hard times and unfortunate circumstances due to the COVID-19. I remind all our guests and volunteers to WASH YOUR HANDS!! It’s the easiest way to stop the spread of the virus. Thank you for filling out the cards in the drive through. It has made the process move more smoothly and allows us to meet our guests personally. We have seen an outpouring of volunteers that have joined in the fight to keep food in the pantry. Thank you for joining us. If any of our current or new guests would like to volunteer and join the fight, please visit the volunteer section below.

3/26/2020 – We are working hard to get things ready for this coming Saturday. We are preparing for another week of our favorite guests and our newest too. Just a reminder, please have patience as we updated our count and we served over 2000 vehicles! Please follow all directions of security on site and Metro while on the road. Please do not block side street entrances and private driveways. Make sure you have enough fuel as you can be waiting in the line for over an hour. There are no restrooms available at the church. Please be prepared while on property. If dark outside, please leave your lights on for safety. Have your back trunk open for us to place your food. If a back seat would be preferable, please have door unlocked and space available for your box. We will start when we are prepared, and it could start as early as 5:30 AM. See you there.

3/21/2020 – The number of cars needing food was right about three times the amount. Six hours later and the last car, we prevailed! Numbers will be coming soon to how many we personally served. Stay tuned. Thank you for allowing us to serve you, our neighbors, family and friends. We are currently keeping the same schedule. Same time, Same place. Until then, stay tuned for more updates as they come in. Thank you.

3/20/2020 – The TCMI Pantry is expecting a larger than normal guests requesting food this week. Please keep in mind that we are all in the same position during this outbreak. PLEASE respect and have patience while we serve each and every one that we can. The line for the drive through panty can get long. Please make sure to have enough gas in your car prior to getting in line. Please follow the directions of the security teams. And lastly, please respect one another and remind yourself that your neighbor needs help too. We are all working together to get through this hard time. Thank you. Stay safe.

3/17/2020 – The TCMI Pantry is at this time not able to take orders for online delivery and pickup. Any guests that have put in an order for delivery or pick up, will be processed. Until future notice TCMI is only doing 100% drive through pantry only. This will be done via entering with your car through the west side of the building. Pull up on the west side of the building. A volunteer will meet you at your car and will take your name to sign in. Once you are signed in, you will pull forward and around to the back of the church and a box of food will be either placed in the car for you or you can grab it outside of the car if you are sick. PLEASE DO TELL THE SIGN IN VOLUNTEER IF YOU ARE SICK AT CHECK IN. The normal pantry process will be closed until further notice. The Senoir Pantry has been canceled on Fridays and has moved to Saturdays. This is to accomidate the large needs for drive up pantry. We expect our amount of guests to double or tripple in the next coming weeks.  Please read the noice below about the CORVID-19 Leadership Response. *****NOTICE*****

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