Ending Hunger in our Backyard

New ID Scan Check-In Process UPDATE

Starting 7.3.2020, The TCMI Pantry will be implementing the new ID check in process and registration. This new system has been in the works since May of 2019 with the support and guidance of the Three Square organization and various supporters. The system allow seamless communication from our guests to TCMI and to Three Square.…
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Announcement Archive 2020

This is the archive of all announcements from each week since January 1 2020. 12/31/2020 ***SPECIAL NOTICE***We are so over stocked that we hope that we can serve more this coming Saturday! If you are in need of food assistance, please do come. We do start at 7AM and run till 9AM. Each person does have…
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TCMI Pantry’s Second Mass Drive Through Pantry

With all of the changes in the world with the COVID-19, we here at TCMI Pantry changed things up to accommodate the Social Distancing and with the pantry procedures and process. First of all, I personally would like to thank all of our great volunteers that took it upon themselves to be with us in…
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Emergency My Express Drive Through

As we all know, the COVID-19 virus is spreading and the TCMI leadership has put in effect until further notice the My Express Drive Through for all pantry services. We have took precautions to protect the volunteers, staff and guests from potential passing of the COVID-19 virus. The changes made have been quick to accommodate…
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TCMI Pantry Named Third Highest Amount of services In Las Vegas

January 15, 2020 TCMI Pantry Named Third highest amount of services In Las Vegas. Today Three Square of Las Vegas announced that TCMI Pantry is the third highest amount of services when it come to outreach and feeding family’s in need. In 2019 alone, the pantry was able to feed 145,000 families, which is up…
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We Want To Hear Your Story

We want to hear the stories of our valued guests at the TCMI Pantry. The TCMI pantry serves over 250 + families weekly at our main location and 150 + more from deliveries and the senior pantry on Fridays. We want to hear your story. If you want to be part of what makes TCMI…
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TCMI Pantry Goes Digital

On January 1 2020, we are happy to announce, My Express Delivery. TCMI Pantry has become Las Vegas’s second online digital ordering pantry. With requests from seniors, the disabled, and others with special accommodations felt we might be able to assist them with getting food without all the waiting in line, some times for hours.…
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Toy Drive 2019

Our annual toy drive was a huge BLESSING to so many families this year! 65 bikes & tons of toys were given to the children in our church & community!? Thank you to all our volunteers that helped organize & run this event! And a very special thank you to all who donated to our toy…
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San Miguel Community Garden

We would like to thank our community partner for helping us help them. The San Miguel Community Garden has been such a great help with leftovers of fruits, vegetables and other compostable materials. With every store, warehouse, or pantry, have waste or non-consumable foods that have to be disposed. TCMI Pantry has joined together to…
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Come to this website for all your news about the TCMI Pantry. Here you will find whats new with the pantry, activities, and or announcements. Stay tuned for whats to come in 2020. Related Images:

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