Can Volunteering Make A Difference?

Ending Hunger in our Backyard

A volunteer of many years has shared his experience with TCMI in his own words.

Notice: Some word usage can be extreme, please note this before reading.

Me in a church…not being thrown out….not belching pea soup…or doing the spinney head thing…setting things a flame….

No this was me needing and getting help from pastor Gayla Sparks Boyd and the good people of TCMI . 8 Years ago they quite literally saved my ass and helped me for the next 2 years with there Saturday food bank program. They never faltered. ..when they asked if I was a believer I was honest and said no. When asked why. I told them I wouldn’t disrespect them in there church by explaining. They surprisingly thanked me for that and continued to be my saviors. Offering not only food but guidance for years to come…..i hear they still do
..or at least did until the pandemic…after that I’m not sure…the people here did what they did not for money , reward, or recognition but because it was right. Because…at least one or two days of the week they were simply the best him an beings they could be. No matter who and what they worshipped they fed and helped everyone who walked through those doors. .they saved and bettered lives….and , if you believe in the same way, in sure more than a few souls….
But no matter what you believe even if its nothing at all…you, like i did, can’t help but believe in them…and in some ways humanity itself…if this relatively small group of people doing there best had that much effect on the world…whether you agree with there religion or not , you have to wonder what the world would be like if everyone cared that much
Helped that much… a couple days a week…what kind of world would it be…

No my philosophy on life death the afterlife and whether or not the almighty exists hasn’t changed…i walked that path once.its not my path. Nit my belief in mankind changed because of them. And o have to remember that in these dark days where that kind of selflessness and empathy seems not only to have hone the way of the puma.(how sad is that…pumas are freaking extinct) but such traits deem to be scoffed at…regarded as weak… ridiculed and mocked. Sometimes by the likes of very people (hopefully not the same people) that helped me that day. Its confusing. They didn’t care that i was a more than I careful that they were….they didn’t throw me out for being a democrat . call me a libtard or a snowflake…they respected me…i respected them. They helped me get to a place where I could help others.and of course myself. Its a big world filled with tons of people and everyone of us is different. If all we ever see ate those long will it before we are alone.trusting and helping no one….everyman for himself and only the strong yayadayada….whatever..
.caring?, empathy, either disregarding or better yet embracing the differences in all mankind..that makes us great.wete the only speices that can save lives, …( well maybe like incredible dogs and dolphins and animals like that you see on youtube
.seriously that shits amazing to me. But I digress) …we alone can save lives change lives change this world save this world or destroy it….if often disparage religion all religions but just for kicks and in memory of my saviors at TCMI today ill try something different…i call on them to do the impossible…to look at each other and not see the diffrences in there dogma or even better…accept them…not all muslims think were the devil…not all Christians think were damned and evil not all atheist think theists are fanatics and not all theists think atheists are trying to lure them into hellfire.and not all Buddhists think were all idiots…though that one I may agree with…find something about each other you can get behind something in. all have it even if its simply being human…you laugh you cry…you poop…whatever I don’t know…find it. Then think of another….and another…
We are in this together…and this planet is our home. All of our homes. Lets not disrespect each other by being so sure we are right and everyone else is wrong. Lets thank each other for respecting those difference in there home…snd then maybe someday come together and figure out how we can not only save our home and everyone in it….but make OT a better place for all of us to live in…its called being united…and if there is a god…you all know on your hearts its damn sure. What he would expect of us.and of hes not there
Its damn sure what we should expect of each other…




Bret Walker

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