Combs Brothers Recycles Food Waste From Local Food Pantry

Ending Hunger in our Backyard

Covid-19 has had substantial affects on the world as we know it. Businesses are loosing everything, employers are doing what they can to keep employees working. Having food for your family is what TCMI Pantry helps supplement families food needs during this hard time. The same goes with the Comb Brothers Las Vegas Livestock yard.

The pantry partnered with Comb Brothers Livestock to help off set the loss of the wasted food products from strip casinos.

With the lose of business; food comsumption from the strip had dropped to zero when the pandemic hit and businesses were ordered to close, the food scraps stopped to a halt Combs Brothers had to turn to every corner of the city to find waste that can help offset the loss.

The pantry over a weekly period collects over 3000 pounds or more of non comsumable food products. The pantry use to throw it in the bin, but now we are putting it to good use.

To read more about Combs Brothers Livestock, Visit their website

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