Emergency My Express Drive Through

Ending Hunger in our Backyard

As we all know, the COVID-19 virus is spreading and the TCMI leadership has put in effect until further notice the My Express Drive Through for all pantry services.

We have took precautions to protect the volunteers, staff and guests from potential passing of the COVID-19 virus. The changes made have been quick to accommodate for the threat to the pantry. As you know, on 3/14/2020, TCMI Pantry has closed its doors to all guests for the food and clothing pantry at this time.

The food pantry is still open, but as we transition to 100% no contact of our volunteers, staff and guests.

The process of obtaining food on our Saturdays has drastically changed to stop the spread of the virus and to insure that protection is our number one concern while we serve the community with food and services.

When out guests arrive in their cars, we ask that you follow the directions of the security and volunteers. Please enter the parking lot from the far south entrance which is the closest one near the McGuire building. We are winding the cars around the front parking lot like a snake. This is to help traffic flow with no issues. PLEASE DO NOT CUT IN LINE.

If you are walking or taking the bus, Please read the directions on the signs out front of the church. We are allowing walk ups to the east side of the church. Please do not enter the building. Please keep 6 feet from all volunteers. You will be asked the sign in information. When the box of food is supplied, please do not pick up the box or come forward to the door to get it until directed.

All boxes are pre-made and are full with the items that we normally have on hand. The pantry can not substitute item requests. Some people in the line have asked to trade items from one guest to the other. This is not recommended due to the possibility of cross contamination from one guest to the next. Please keep in mind that others could be positive for COVID-19 and can be contagious. Please follow the guidelines from the CDC.

Here are some pictures of the parking lot in how we are lining up the cars. Please pay close attention.

We will be starting the line once we are ready to serve the guests. The normal open time is normally 7:00 AM, but we will open once we are ready which can be as early as 6:00AM.

Thank you for your understanding and we pray that you and your family stay safe.

TCMI Pantry / TCMI Leaders

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