Emergency Preparedness, What can you do?

Ending Hunger in our Backyard

The news, Tiktok video’s, Facebook pages, government commercials and websites have been showing how to prepare for a national emergency. This all comes along side the war in Ukraine with Russia, and communications from Russia toward the United States of America of nuclear war.

As of September 27, 2022, today, Russian President said “this is not a bluff“.

We at TCMI Church / TCMI Pantry look at all avenues to achieve its mission and as well to strive at what we are commanded to do in the bible. We are and will always be up and running, even during times like these. We also have been working hard to make getting food much more faster, smoother, and as well something new coming to a TCMI Pantry near you really soon!

So, with the world being upside down, our minds and hearts are confused, scared, or even lonely; We will push through it and with pride and strength.

TCMI Pantry would like to share some information about how to prepare for an Emergency situation.

How to prepare for a nuclear attach – US Government Website

US Nuclear Target Map


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