Food Pantry Check-In Process

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Food Pantry Check-In Process

We have been working on a new check-in process that allows TCMI and Three Square to speed up the service and to gain a better understanding of statistics of individuals that are in the need for assistance.

The new ID system been in the works for almost a year now. ID’s allow Three Square and TCMI to track basic statistics like gender, age, zip code and the amount of times guests visits food pantries through out the month. With this new system, it will help speed up the check in process and lower the amount of time that a guest has to wait for their box of food. This allow you, to apply one time with all the details about your family once. The next time you visit, all you will have to do is scan your ID, it will ask if any of your details have changed, Family size, or contact details have changed. Your say yes to update, and no if no changes are needed. A number will print out and your done checking in. It’s fast, friendly and simple.

If the guest does not have an ID, drivers license, or passport. We will still accept manual check in. Please speak with the person checking you in about this option.

The data that is collected is stored securely with one of our partners. They have a security statement which you can view by visiting their site.

When you arrive, you will be asked to present an ID or Passport to scan. The bar code on the ID only collects the following details.

  • Your Name
  • Address ( For proof of residency or guest to Nevada)
  • Gender
  • Age

You will still be asked the questions on family size by age group and if you get public assistance. These questions will be asked by the volunteer checking you in for the first time.

But for now, we are skipping all registration as the amount of people in need would hinder if people had to fill out the paperwork at this time. This is another reason why we are going digital.

When TCMI goes back to the regular schedule and back inside the pantry, you will see a new check in kiosks. There you will have the same options but you will also check-in at the kiosk if you do not have ID. You will read and fill in the personal details like the old paper form. If you have an ID, you can scan your ID to check in at the kiosk. If you are new to TCMI Pantry, it will ask to read and answer some questions. Once you submitted, it will not ask these questions again. But it will ask to confirm if your family size has changed every time. If the family size has changed, you will have the opportunity to edit this before checking in. A number will then print out, this replaces the colored cards with numbers. That is unsanitary and we want to protect your health at all costs.

With this change, we hope that we all can work together to make this transition a positive change and as well once we all can get to meet together once again inside, you will also see other changes that have taken place.

We wish you all to visit us if you need assistance and we hope that our community can work together as we are all in this together.

TCMI Pantry Leadership

TCMI Church


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