Home Delivery Plus+

Ending Hunger in our Backyard

Home Delivery Plus+ is a partnership with Project DASH which is sponsored by DOORDASH.

We are now accepting applications for home food delivery

Providing local communities with access to food is a key part of the work we do at DoorDash. Our platform connects consumers with their favorite meals, groceries, and essential items at the touch of a button. That same technology underpins Project DASH, our initiative to equip social impact organizations such as food banks and food pantries with last-mile logistics to increase access to food and other essential items.

In 2020, exacerbated by the impacts of COVID-19, more than 38 million people experienced food insecurity. Hunger relief organizations quickly implemented new distribution models such as delivery and drive-throughs to support people under especially unusual safety and operations constraints. However, the need for innovations in food access predates, and will continue beyond, the pandemic. Last-mile delivery is a long-term and transformational solution that can help broaden food access for vulnerable communities while providing greater convenience and dignity. 

To make this solution available to as many local communities as possible, we’ve grown our partnerships with governmentsfood banks, and food pantries. We’re proud to announce that Project DASH has powered over one million deliveries of more than an estimated 21 million meals in more than 900 cities across the U.S. and Canada. 

TCMI Pantry is happy to announce that we are now offering home delivery to qualified individuals.

To qualify, you

  • Be a Three Square registered member and have a barcode that lists the tag number starting with TSFB01**** (must supply number when applying)
  • Must be a senior citizen that is home bound with medical condition or
  • Have a disability that stops you to obtain items onsite (must have an Disability Award Letter and uploaded with your ID on your application)
  • Are in need of Emergency food delivery (note that delivery days are on Tuesdays and Thursdays only and you are for Individuals who are age 60 and older. Individuals must be homebound due to illness, physical or cognitive impairment. Individuals must be a year round resident.)

To apply for the Home Delivery Plus+ program, please fill in ALL of the information that is requested below.

We have been contacted by Project Dash Friday 12/16/2022 with an update with onboarding.

As of today, we are still accepting pre-applications to see if you qualify and to have records ready once we are onboarded. The situation for the long wait has been due to a hold with new onboarding for pantries like ours to join Project Dash. I was informed that the wait can be up to January 31 2023 before we start onboarding.

Some aspects to qualify might change, we will contact existing applicants if things do change.

So please, if you feel you need to get assistance prior to that, please reach out to Three Square directly.

Thank you for your interest in Home Delivery Plus+

Michael Peterson – Home Delivery Plus+ Coordinator

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