Inner City Outreach Christmas Cheer Surprise!

Ending Hunger in our Backyard

Inner City Outreach – December 24 2021

Bikers are a kind of person that you see on the roads every day. Some are small, some are large, but some come in all sizes and so do their hearts.

Inner City Outreach

With the help of TCMI Pantry and working with the outreach team, was able to put some cheer and full bellies on the less helped areas of North Las Vegas.

As they setup, locals gathered to receive a Christmas surprise food giveaway

People from all around the site gathered as the large truck pulled in and backs up to a cemented patio area in the housing development.

Young to old, cheers started to come from the children when their eyes opened wide as pallet after pallet of food was pulled out the rear of the truck.

The line grew then the word got out after the first wave of grateful families finished up their selection of nutritious frozen, dry or prepared food was carted way to their home.

Children played as mom or dad shops from the large selection that was offered at no cost to them.

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