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Ending Hunger in our Backyard

Bombas Giving Team Mark a Milestone: 100 Million Items Donated

Bombas Giving Team Mark a Milestone: 100 Million Items Donated In 2022, TCMI Community / TCMI Pantry, joined partners with Bombas after a three year wait. Today, Bombas has announced they have hit a MILESTONE with their Giving Team. Underwear T-Shirts Socks The issue of homelessness is in the news more than ever, but the people experiencing it are not.  Click to Read More Related Images:

2022 Guest Visit Statistics and Current Year Count

Guest count is here!!   2022  What a year it was! Changing over to technology and getting everyone registered had take countless hours, meetings, and overall support from all the wonderful people behind the scenes. This year our stats are as follows: Assistance Records: NOT AVAILABLE  Feeding over 80,000 people over the year. 2023 Just…
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Emergency Preparedness, What can you do?

The news, Tiktok video’s, Facebook pages, government commercials and websites have been showing how to prepare for a national emergency. This all comes along side the war in Ukraine with Russia, and communications from Russia toward the United States of America of nuclear war. As of September 27, 2022, today, Russian President said “this is…
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We Have a New App!!

TCMI Community has released an app where you can find all kinds of resources from TCMI, and other community resources. Welcome the NEW “TCMI Community Resources” App We at TCMI Church has released an app which users will be able to see everything TCMI, and include a listing of all the other resources in the…
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Theft of Catalytic Converts

On 1/14/2022 at 12:58 AM, TCMI Church / TCMI Pantry had a group of gentlemen visit the pantries, Inner City Outreach Ministries, and TCMI Academy vehicles catalytic converters were cut out and stolen. Our Security team captured video from the dashcams, building surveillance and neighboring housing unit’s personal and HOA camera video feeds and times.…
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TCMI Pantry guests increase three-times more then pre COIVD-19

By Michael Peterson Nov 27, 2021 1:40 PM With the world upside down from social distancing, mask wearing, to even the talk of vaccination passports; we all feel the stress, but continuing life as it was pre-COVID-19 is long gone. Employers have put strict rules in to place to either get the jab or get…
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TCMI Christmas & New Years Pantry Schedule

To allow our hardworking volunteers time to rest, recharge and enjoy Christmas AND New Year’s Day with their families….. The December 25th AND January 1st Pantry has moved -Instead- Please join us Thursday, December 23rd Noon to 2:00PM Thursday, December 30th Noon to 2:00PM Please follow all security staff directions as other businesses will be…
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Mission Trip

He just got home on this month. Spending almost a month in Africa to spread the word of Jesus and to help build a structure. Related Images:

Premiere of A Day In Service 2021

Over the last year, Michael Peterson has been putting together what it is like behind the scenes of what a takes to volunteer at the TCMI Pantry at TCMI Church. You will meet various leaders, volunteers and guests. Sit back and enjoy the show. Related Images:

We are building a second shift for Saturday Pantry Volunteers

ATTENTION CURRENT VOLUNTEERS What a year it has been with all the growth, advancements, and over all staffing. The TCMI Leadership has come to a decision. To accommodate the growth and overall production of the pantry on Saturdays; we have come to the decision to add a second shift that will start from 9:00 Am…
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