Pantry Expands Warehouse For New Walk-In Cooler

Ending Hunger in our Backyard

Pantry Expands Warehouse For New Walk-In Cooler. The pantry is in growth mode a year later once again. TCMI Pantry has been blessed with a grant that has opened the doors to forfill our improvements and expansion of food cooling and storage.

COVID-19 had put a big push to get the improvements done as fast as possible. In 2019, the pantry had gone through a expansion and built out a warehouse space for storage of dry and beverage goods that can be stored without cooling or freezing. This year, the pantry has seen a major need for cooling of fresh and frozen goods.

Three months ago, the pantry had received three new three door stainless freezers and three new three door stainless fridges from Three Square. Well Three Square heard our needs and once again has delivered.

With the new cooler, the pantry will be able to store larger amounts of fresh vegitables and fruits, while being able to keep them fresh for a longer amount of time.

The numbers of guests has been fluctuating over the last 60 days. With new guests, and a larger need for fresh produce, Sally Hernandez, Director of the pantry said; “we are planning ahead of time so that we are prepared if the pantry needs to serve more guests than the pantry has been”.

Its private donations and community organizations like Three Square that supply the food. The Las Vegas community that utilize these pantries across the city and neighboring towns receive food from the Three Square and the USDA federal food and nutrition program. Various local stores like Albertson’s, Walmart, Big Lots are some of the pantry’s donators for many years.

COVID-19 has been a eye opener to the good, and the bad. People losing their employment, medical, no unemployment, and running through savings to survive. TCMI Pantry heard the calling and answered the call. With faith, hard work, and good hearted people, TCMI will always be a light when its dark. “We will get through this together” said Senior Pastor Gayla Boyd.

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