San Miguel Community Garden

Ending Hunger in our Backyard

We would like to thank our community partner for helping us help them. The San Miguel Community Garden has been such a great help with leftovers of fruits, vegetables and other compostable materials. With every store, warehouse, or pantry, have waste or non-consumable foods that have to be disposed. TCMI Pantry has joined together to help them help us by not wasting the waste, but putting it to good use. 

The garden is run by volunteers, directed by Morris Bedard. The garden has helped the pantry by accepting our waste items and putting them to good use instead of dropping them in the bin. It not only smart, but it is the right thing to do. 

If you would like to know more about the community garden, you can find them on their facebook page here.

Here is some of the produce that was still available for people in need from TCMI Pantry

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