TCMI Food Pantry Celebrates Grand Opening

Ending Hunger in our Backyard

Las Vegas, NV – TCMI started with a few tables in a hallway will be soon opening a new expansion of the pantry online. On February 10 2020, TCMI Pantry is proud to announce that the online Pantry ordering for seniors, and the disabled is LIVE and ready to take orders.

Born out of a need to serve seniors and the disabled who struggle with food insecurity, the TCMI Pantry provides quality and nutritious food throughout the week for pick up and delivery. However, this new program, assists only seniors and the disabled with prior approval.

“I can’t wait to see where we will go with this new program. It feels real good to see that we can help others with food insecurities that are home bound and not able to get out to receive food from a local pantry,” said Sally Hernandez, director of the TCMI Food Pantry. The program coordinator and leader of the TCMI Warehouse, Michael Peterson, worked with other leaders to bring this program to life and to oversee the program to completion.

According to Three Square, The average food insecurity rate across Clark County is about 12.8 percent. About one out of every seven people in Clark County is food insecure. This presents about 271,000 people. That led leader Michael Peterson to spearhead the original effort in opening My Express Pantry Online. With advisory of top leaders in the TCMI Church, as well as consistent volunteers with big hearts, the groundwork that for an organization that tackled a significant social problem was laid.

“We call it My Express Pantry, which people with pre-approved accounts will be able to order there food online and either have it picked up or delivered. This has been a long road to getting the pantry up to today’s technology and to express to the community that TCMI is willing to go the extra mile to get nutritious food in the hands of seniors and the disabled when they are in need.” said Michael Peterson

If you are insterested in signing up for My Express Pantry, please visit the page for more information and details on the qualifications and guidelines.

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