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Ending Hunger in our Backyard

Update 3/17/2020

The Pantry has decided to close all online ordering with my express Pantry Online. We are only doing 100% My Express Drive Through. All food boxes are pre-boxed with items from the weeks delivery. We at this time can not accommodate special item requests due to food requirements and allergies. Please make sure to read all item ingredients if you do carry any food allergies prior to eating.

*****NOTICE***** The TCMI Pantry is in the process of setting up an emergecy pantry. On 3/14/2020, the pantry will be only drive up only. This will be done via the east side of the pantry. No need to wait in line. Just pull up on the east side of the building like we do for express pantry. A volunteer will meet you at your car and will take your name to sign in. Once you are signed in, you will pull forward and a box of food will be either placed in the car for you or you can grab it outside of the car if you are sick. PLEASE DO TELL THE SIGN IN VOLUNTEER YOU ARE SICK AT CHECK IN. The normal pantry will be closed until further notice. Only My Express Drive Through is being offered on Saturdays. My Express Delivery and My Express Pantry Pick up is still operational. Please do not come to the building. Please read the noice below about the CORVID-19 Leadership Response. *****NOTICE*****

We here at TCMI Pantry | TCMI Church, have been monitoring the developments with the spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus). With the amount of guests that we serve, a reminder to everyone that if you are not feeling well, ie: cough, runny nose, or fever, please do not feel that you have to come to get food as its your only means.

We are asking our guests to stay home and contact us if you are in need food. The link is at the bottom of this page. We server over Six hundred families a week, and over a thousand people in that same week. We have come up with a plan to help protect everyone in case of a large scale outbreak while still being able to receive food.

Working with our partners, we would like to put in effect what we call My Express Drive Through. People who have any Influenza (Flu) symptoms are asked to not come in to the pantry to get food. This is to protect our guests and the volunteers.

My Express Drive Through – How Does It Work

To place an order there are two ways:

  • Your a registered shopper and approved on My Express Pantry online ordering
  • Your sick and need to use the My Express Drive Through program.
  • If you are a senior or disabled (with an award letter), you are eligible to register for the online pantry. Its simple as ordering on amazon and selecting your check out details. So PLEASE utilize this option if you qualify.
  • If you feel sick and have Influenza (Flu) symptoms, please do stay home and email us. The box of food will have everything in it like we normally give out. Any special requests are limited to one for each food type ie: meats, breads, dairy, vegetables, fruits, and fish. The quantities for each item can be more then one of that item so it can become a large box.

Here is how to start

My Express Drive Through Pick Up Instructions

  • Drive to the church and follow the map directions in the parking lot and park on the east side of the building where it shows the star on the map.
  • Once there, the leader will bring your box to your car and place it next to your car on a cart.
  • Once the leader has stepped away, you may come out of your car and place your box in your car. Please do not touch the cart as that could cross contaminate and others could get sick.
  • You can now leave.

The My Express Drive Through is only available during this crisis. It can only be used one time as this should be ample time to know if you have contracted the COVID-19 (coronavirus).

If anyone else is in your home and they are sick with the Influenza (Flu) symptoms, please follow the CDC’s guidelines to protect yourself and others.

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