TCMI Pantry guests increase three-times more then pre COIVD-19

Ending Hunger in our Backyard

By Michael Peterson

Nov 27, 2021 1:40 PM

With the world upside down from social distancing, mask wearing, to even the talk of vaccination passports; we all feel the stress, but continuing life as it was pre-COVID-19 is long gone.

Employers have put strict rules in to place to either get the jab or get the boot or test test test weekly. Putting food on the table is the first thought when it comes to the jab. What ever reason it may be, financial, religious, or even personal preference; TCMI is feeling the pinch and as well the stress with all the worldly changes that are happening around the world.

Pushing out over 50,000 pounds of food weekly with volunteers that make it their mission to feed everyone that comes through the line.

COVID-19 did not start the lines, as they existed prior to the pandemic. The pantry has been running continuously since 2007. From a trunk of a car, to a table in the hall and now Las Vegas Nevada second largest pantry in the county.

In 2020, TCMI Pantry served over 175,000 people, which it had increased from the year prior by 30,000 more people. TCMI Pantry expects this years count to go way way beyond the prior years.

The pantry consists of 100% volunteers from staff to various regulars to scheduled groups from surrounding schools, business’s and other organization’s.

As the video shows how a normal Saturday pantry runs, it does not show everything it takes to run a one day event weekly. TCMI has other videos on TikTok. Taking what they love to the 21st century has allowed TCMI Pantry to be widely publicized the existence of the pantry to the public.

Most guests are know by name. During the summer and warmer days, guests line the parking lot with their vehicles hours prior to pantry opening. Ten hours or more hour in their lawn chairs with their drinks and snacks. Phones propped up on make shift tables and a can holding the tablet or phones while they watch videos and chat it up with staff and other guests.

The pantry is hosted inside the TCMI Church. They say, My Church, My Family, My Home. You can feel the love in the warm summer air around TCMI. All the love starts with volunteers.

TCMI Volunteering program is vast from Sunday school teachers, Ushers, Media production, Cleaning staff, Greeters, Prayer team, Worship team, School volunteering, and the Pantry Team! Making a commitment to give part of your life and time is what the TCMI Family is all about.

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