TCMI Pantry Named Third Highest Provider Of Services In Las Vegas

Ending Hunger in our Backyard

January 15, 2020 TCMI Pantry Named Third third highest provider of services in Las Vegas.

Today Three Square of Las Vegas announced that TCMI Pantry is the third highest provider of services when it come to outreach and feeding family’s in need. In 2019 alone, the pantry was able to feed 145,000 families, which is up by 20,000 family from 2018.

Statistics supplied by Three Square on local pantry’s and where they stand in ranking.

  • TCMI provides the third highest amount of services of all our agencies, behind only St. Therese (#1) and Our Savior’s Lutheran (#2).
  • TCMI provides about 4.6% of all of the food pantry services within the Three Square network.
  • Together, our top three agencies provided 16% of all the food pantry services within the Three Square network.”Three Square and Feeding America estimate the number of food-insecure persons in our service area to be more than 271,000.” (Three Square 2020)

The remote pantry at the Suites on Boulder Highway was closed in the first week of January due to liability issues with the property. The decision was quick and unforeseen. TCMI has some plans in the works and are working with Three Square to acquire a new location in the up coming months with a possible storefront which could house cooling and freezing options for food storage and to get guests out of the weather and for a better pantry experience.

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