We are building a second shift for Saturday Pantry Volunteers

Ending Hunger in our Backyard


What a year it has been with all the growth, advancements, and over all staffing.

The TCMI Leadership has come to a decision. To accommodate the growth and overall production of the pantry on Saturdays; we have come to the decision to add a second shift that will start from 9:00 Am to 1:00 Pm.

The second shift accommodation is to lessen the long hours that the first shift has to do.

Our volunteer base has grown over the years and we feel that we can improve the overall performance and precision when it comes to the amount of work that one has to do.

We are looking for current volunteers whom feel that can step up to be leader for the second shift and as well be able to guide current and new volunteers of the duties for the second shift. The prospective leader must meet the following criteria.

  • Must have been a member of the church and the pantry for over one year
  • Have demonstrated good judgement and decision making on the fly
  • Able to guide a team meeting
  • Have good organization and cleaning skills
  • Consistently be able to deal with on the spot issues with pantry operations, this includes volunteers and guests
  • Shown the ability to volunteer and take on the leadership duties in the past
  • Able to commit to weekly basis, every Saturday from 9:00 Am to 1:00 Pm
  • Willing to speak to other leaders about ideas, concerns, and comments

The leadership position is open until filled. If the post is up, we are still looking.

Anyone interested in applying, please speak to Sally privately.

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